Sustainababble Episode #93

My Review:

This podcast used outside audio clips and sound effects in addition to the recorded interview they included. The first half of the podcast is edited to just have the interviewee talking about the Galapagos Islands and its environmental state. She speaks clearly and with authority on the topic, with little background noise or other audio to detract from what she says. She also uses visual descriptions whenever possible to talk about the Galapagos Islands and limits discussing anything that can’t be explained simply and to the point.

After drawing listeners in with the main topic of the Galapagos Islands the podcast then relates it to other environmental issues. The hosts begin sharing more about other environmental issues in the world, including the overwhelming amount of plastic in our oceans and what needs to be done to reduce plastic waste worldwide. Here the hosts and the interviewee take turns asking questions, telling stories, and making jokes while discussing a fairly serious topic. This is effective because you don’t feel like you’re listening to boring scientists talking about the environment; you feel like you can relate to the hosts as they learn along with you about the topic. There are more sound effects in this half and the audio is edited to sound like a casual conversation, which surprisingly worked well together to inform me about a variety of topics while sustaining my interest.

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