Audio Essay

Hear the Student Office of Sustainability’s Sustainability Assistant Coordinator, Sarah Grguras, talk about living sustainably at Pitt! Interviewer and project editor: Zoe Pawliczek Interviewee: Sarah Grguras Artist Statement: One of the main challenges that I faced while editing my interview was with my interviewee’s habits of coughing and clicking her pen. The background noise was … Continue reading Audio Essay


Creator: Zoe Pawliczek This infographic is a mock-up of what a compost bin sign could look like on Pitt’s campus. Currently there are no compost bins available in any residence, academic, or dining halls, and many on-campus events are not zero-waste even though Pitt has the resources to make them zero-waste. Whether you live on-campus … Continue reading Infographic

Research Narrative

The Overshoot Calendar Zoe Pawliczek August 2, 2017 Picture this: every 214 days, a planet identical to ours — containing an identical you, me, everyone, and everything found on Earth — is wiped out. Not by nuclear war, or an alien foe, or a giant asteroid. Not even the most extreme natural disaster could cause … Continue reading Research Narrative

White Paper

One Step at a Time: Reducing Pitt’s Ecological Footprint College is a time for students to learn, meet new people, and decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives. But in between all the networking and studying, Pitt students might not be aware of the impact their daily decisions have on … Continue reading White Paper

Video PSA

Video selector and editor: Zoe Pawliczek Videos used: Artist Statement: I began this project with a specific video idea in mind, inspired by PSAs about saving animals in need as well as the issue of recycling. My conceptual vision was to appeal to people’s emotions with graphic clips of the effect plastic … Continue reading Video PSA