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This site is a place for Pitt students and the community to find and share resources for living sustainably while at college! Whether you’re on- or off-campus, undergraduate or graduate, or student or staff, you have the power to make a big change at Pitt — and it can start with something as small as buying a reusable water bottle or eating more fruits and vegetables. So have a look around and feel free to share any suggestions or sustainable project ideas on the site’s contact page.

Thank you!

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Website created by Zoe Pawliczek (September 2017 – present).

  • University of Pittsburgh Undergraduate, Communications Major, Linguistics & Film Studies Minor

Website Purpose:

  • Portfolio for coursework from ENGCMP 0420 course at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Archive of Pitt and non-Pitt resources relevant to sustainable college living
  • Site for students at Pitt and elsewhere to share their own thoughts and resources on sustainable college living